May 24, 2021 | One on One Doubles, Tennis, Tournament


The crosscourt serve-and-volley singles game, known as One-On-One Doubles®, was in rare form at the Country Club of Winter Haven Saturday, May 22nd.  Four touring pros competed for $5000 in cash prizes in a round-robin, one set format.  The winner, Mike Redlicki, a 6’8” ATP touring professional and former University of Arkansas standout, was playing his very first One-On-One Doubles Tournament.  Since capturing the ITA National Indoor Championships in 2016, Redlicki has registered impressive wins over Tennys Sandgren, Tommy Paul and Jamie Duckworth — all currently ranked Top 100 in the ATP. 

The other competitors in the draw were Ryler Deheart, who reached the second round of the U.S. Open in 2008 and ranked as high as #120 on the ATP Tour; Jake Van Emburgh, ranked as high as #13 in the ITA National Doubles rankings at the University of Oklahoma and McClain Kessler, a University of Florida Doubles All-American in 2018,  to round out the four-man field.

Redlicki, who won two of his three round robin, no-ad sets, qualified to play DeHeart in the final after losing a set to him during pool play. Redlicki made his second chance at Deheart count, as he relinquished Deheart 4-2, 4-2 in the event’s final.  

“The One-on-One Doubles event is one-of-a-kind. I knew from the moment they nailed down the middle line through the court that I was in for something unforgettable,” Redlicki said.  “I am not usually a serve-and-volley player — but being forced to do so in the context of competing for a paycheck brings out a new style of competitive energy within myself.” 

“I think that fans and spectators really appreciate the fast-paced nature of serve-and-volley tennis and really can get excited over the 2-point shots that players are always looking for. I hope that big events start to entertain the idea of hosting this kind of contest as part of their main events. It would add a really engaging and exciting dimension to tennis spectatorship,” Redlicki added.  

Van Emburgh, who tied Redlicki with 14 total games won after defeating DeHeart 6-4, had to settle on the 3rd place match due to his head-to-head loss to Redlicki during the event’s round robin. It was Kessler’s tenacity that had him capture third place with his win against Van Emburgh.