One on One Doubles testimonials

“I think playing the One-On-One Doubles Tournament was a great experience. The game helped improve my net game, which is useful for singles and doubles. Playing in the event is an opportunity to do something that perhaps we are not used to, have fun, prepare for the tournament, folowing tournaments and earn some extra money. A wonderful idea I must say! I hope there can be more One-On-One Doubles tournaments- in the future- at our Women’s Pro Tournaments”, said NADIA PODOROSKA, 2020 French Open Singles Semifinalist & 2019 French Open Doubles Semifinalist.
Nadia was the 2022 Champion of the Macon One-On-One Doubles Championships played at the $60,000 USTA Women’s Mercer Tennis Classic at the John Drew Smith Tennis Center.

“Playing in the One-On-One Doubles Tournaments have been a great experience for me. The tournament format provides a great atmosphere and fun tennis. The game is excellent for any player trying to become a better all-court player.” – Mikael Pernfors, 1986 French Open Singles Finalist

“Playing One-On-One Doubles is always a highlight of my year. The tournament events combine energy, live musical entertainment and a high level of tennis. One-On-One Doubles is an exciting game and format that has a place in the upper echelons of Pro Tennis.” – Ashley Fisher, 2006 U.S. Open Doubles Semifinalist

“I have had a great time playing in the One-On-One Doubles tournaments. The format is a lot of fun! I had so many great points where I had to pull out every shot in the book to try and get an advantage. Players of all levels should get out and play One-On-One Doubles!” – Jared Palmer, 2001 Wimbledon Doubles Champion

“I believe One on One Doubles is a wonderful refreshing new format that has plenty of advantages for developing the game of the players. In just one afternoon with several sets of One-on-One Doubles players will have to hit more volleys and also more half-volleys than in a full week of regular practice and match play. Also the quick and precise decision making for the baseliner/returner is a great challenge and will help their development as well. Most importantly you do something fun that actually helps your game a ton!”

Patrick Hieber
Director of Tennis
LTP – Daniel Island & LTP – Mt. Pleasant
WTA and ATP Coach

“Our juniors really enjoyed your event! We have played versions of One-on-One Doubles for decades. On the junior side, it is an amazing game developing much needed skills that traditionally don’t get enough reps to become solid. On the adult side, One-On-One Doubles allows has beens and never was’s a chance to compete and get way more action and bang for your buck! The One-On-One Doubles format is a great equalizer allowing different generations and eras to compete against each other. Fun was had by all!”

Randy Pate, Owner
Pate Academy
LTP -Mt. Pleasant

“This Tournament format is too much fun not to have! Playing One-On-One Doubles is a great way to play competitive tennis within a limited time schedule. The half-court format and short sets make for many more big points than in regular scoring. Some great quality points for the people watching!”– Paul Kronk, US Open and Australian Open Doubles Finalist

“I think that the One-On-One Doubles game provides a huge opportunity for our young players to develop their Singles and Doubles skills and the transition game-all in one game-to complete their all-court development.” – J. Webb Horton, Division 1 and 2 College Coach of 26 years

“One on One Doubles tournaments also improves mental toughness and focus in pressure situations by having to serve and volley and follow guidelines, winning or losing. This game and tournament format will really prepare them for college tennis, as their one-on-one doubles skills will catch college coach’s eyes.”– Bobby Pennington, Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach, Colgate University

“The modern game does not prepare juniors for collegiate doubles as well as it used to. Being a College Coach and Camp Director for 37 years, I know that our nation’s Juniors can help themselves “stick out” in the recruiting process with better half-court serve-and-volley skills, serves and returns. One-on-One (Doubles) Tennis’ mandatory S&V rule give players more practice in the midcourt volley area, under tourney pressure, which will help them make a bigger contribution to their college team, and maybe give them a better chance at a pro career in doubles. Remember, 25% of the world’s top 100 ATP doubles players refined their skills in college.”– Dave Fish, Former Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Harvard University; ITA National Hall of Fame Coach

“I believe that sanctioning One-On-One Doubles tournaments is a terrific idea that will bring a healthy level of enthusiasm to competition on any level. The tournaments will be a great way to help prepare kids for College Tennis, and make them more desirable to College Coaches, where Doubles skills are an integral part of a team’s success.”– Scott Wilkins, Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Boston College

“One-On-One Doubles is the quintessential training method and game packaged to develop a player’s net game! It is an exciting game that can be played by Boys, Girls and Adults of all ages. Tim Wilkinson and I use the One-On-One Doubles matchplay format and have seen great improvement in our players’ midcourt volleys and net game. I would highly recommend any Tournament Director to contact Coach Ed Krass to schedule a One-On-One Doubles tournament at their site!”– Jack Thompson, USPTR Master Professional; Co-founder/Director of Salisbury Tennis Academy, Salisbury, N.C.

“Playing One-On-One Doubles Tournaments are an excellent way for players to develop attacking, closing and volley skills. Tennis will always be an offense/defense game and this game helps you develop strategies that force your opponent to hit up to you, which always pays off in matchplay.”– Tom Daglis, Former USPTA National President

“The One-On-One Doubles game is a huge developmental tool for all players. Coming to the net and the transition game is the most neglected aspect in Junior Tennis. One-On-One Doubles tournaments will really facilitate and enhance those crucial skills, our juniors need, to have a complete game.”– Rick Macci, Owner Rick Macci Tennis Academy; USPTA National Coach of the Year

“One-On-One Doubles Tournaments can be a magical formula, through fun competition, to bring back the lost art of Serving-and-Volleying and playing Doubles the right way. Winning is confusing; Far too often superior athletes win through an inferior system of playing one up one back Doubles. One-On-One Doubles Tournaments, in its four-hour format, are currently one of the most important projects in all of Tennis. The Tennis World needs to embrace One-On-One Doubles to where all courts, worldwide, should have a line down the middle for matchplay competition.”– Steve Smith, Owner,; Steve has 35 years of international experience in tennis education.

“I have coached College Tennis for over 20 years in Division 1, 2 and 3. One thing I have told every High School-aged recruit is that they should work hard now on their midcourt volley for Doubles and more specifically, their Serve-and-Volley game. There is usually a transition period to be successful at the College level in Doubles. The One-On-One Doubles Tournaments will be the perfect bridge to expedite this transition period!”– Rick Edelman, Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Bentley University

“Playing One-On-One Doubles tournaments will be critically huge for our nation’s juniors all-court development. The game’s mandatory Serve-and-Volley rule enforces the midcourt volley that so many College Coaches want to see. Having distinctive One-On-One Doubles skills will definitely help any player in a College Coach’s recruiting/scholarship decision.”– Brian Boland, Former Head Men’s Tennis Coach at University of Virginia and winner of 4 NCAA National Team Titles.

“The One-On-One Doubles tournaments will combine an exciting game and a great training tool, all packaged in one, for our nation’s Juniors to greatly benefit from.”– Manny Diaz, Head Men’s Tennis Coach, University of Georgia; Georgia has won numerous NCAA Division 1 National Team Championships under Coach Diaz.

“The One-On-One Doubles game is allowing my players to attain another level in their Doubles skills. I always tell my team that Doubles play wins championships, and the One-On-One Doubles game has been and is a big factor in our team’s success over the past 7 years.”– Paul Peck, Head Women’s Tennis Coach, Army; Army Women has won numerous Patriot League Titles.

“The One-On-One Doubles game and tournaments is an ingenious way to improve to improve Doubles skills – and most important – it is FUN!! Our Tennis team plays One-On-One Doubles competitions throughout our practices. Even though we are practicing 5 to 6 times per week, there is no monotony or boredom when you are rocking the courts with One-On-One Doubles.”– Greg Patton, Former Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Boise State University and former ITA National Coach of the Year; ITA National Hall of Fame Coach.

“The One-On-One Doubles game and tournament places a huge emphasis on the Serve, Return and first volley-which are so important to becoming a successful, all-court, Doubles player. The game also gives players an explosive first step which is key to becoming the best singles player, as well.”– Michelle Dasso, Former Head Women’s Tennis Coach, University of Illinois

“The nation’s juniors will benefit from One-On-One Doubles tournaments in many ways. Not only will this new concept revolutionize the game, it will alter the path towards more success for our juniors. Our juniors need to learn how to play all-court Tennis. In today’s Tennis world, our juniors are so constricted to playing only baseline tennis. History has proven to us that many of the greatest players were all court players. Introducing One-On-One Doubles tournaments to kids will allow them to discover areas of the court that will enable them to further grow their all-court confidence. One-On-One Doubles tournaments will introduce a very entertaining and enjoyable game to all involved!”– Thiroshan Chetty (USPTA), Tennis Director at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, Ocala, FL

“One of the most important things young tennis players can learn today is to Serve-and-Volley in their Doubles play. This seems to be a lost art, but it is so valuable and when done well it is extremely successful. Juniors need plenty of repetitions and practice with their Serve-and-Volley skills. This is where the One-On-One Doubles game and its tournaments add extra value to our nation’s youth.”– Betsy McCormack, Former Head Women’s Tennis Coach, State College of Florida, finished #3 in NJCAA Team Chmps. in 2011; Betsy is a former top WTA professional.

“Playing the One-On-One Doubles game is a fundamental part in playing winning Doubles, too. Our team plays the game plenty, and we see marked improvement the more we play it!”– Eric Shore, Former Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Auburn University; Eric coached his #2 Doubles team to an NCAA Division 1 National Doubles Title.

“One-On-One Doubles tournaments are an essential piece of the puzzle for today’s juniors to prepare for College Tennis, where most everyone is expected to contribute in Doubles as well. The tournament format moves quickly, allows for multiple matches on any given day, and most significantly helps a junior prepare for the rigorous demands of serving-and-volleying, quick volleys, quality returning, appropriate serve location and executing crosscourt angles. Players with One-On-One Doubles tournament experience are usually way more prepared for College Tennis and warmly welcomed by top level college coaches.”– Ira Miller, Head Men’s and Women’s Coach, NJIT

“The One-On-One Doubles Tournaments adds another important dimension to a player’s game. It makes a player focus on getting their first serve in which allows for a solid first volley at midcourt-which is sorely needed in today’s game! The game and tournament format is packaged so that any competitive player can benefit from the game’s technical and strategical aspects.”– Dave Barron, former FSU Head Men’s Tennis Coach and former University of Florida Asst. Women’s Tennis Coach

“I think that the One-On-One Doubles game provides a huge opportunity for our young players to develop their Singles and Doubles skills and the transition game-all in one game-to complete their all-court development.”– J. Webb Horton, 26 years of College Coaching experience at the Division 1 and 2 levels

“One-On-One Doubles tournaments is an awesome, competitive format for all rising juniors aspiring to play College Tennis!”– Ryler DeHeart, former NCAA Division 1 All-American at Univ. of Illinois; Ryler was ranked #120 on the ATP Singles Tour.

“One-on-One Doubles Tennis is the game our nation’s youth needs to play. It develops the many abandoned fundamentals that are critical to getting players to the top levels of the game.”– Chuck Kriese, Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Citadel University (USPTA and ITA National Coach-of-the-Year Award Winner)

“The skills involved in One-on-One Doubles Tennis are critical to the development of today’s top players. Just as importantly, they are fun to execute by players at any level.”– Dick Gould, Former Tennis Director, Stanford University & ITA Coach of the Decade 1980s & 1990s

“One-on-One Doubles Tennis is a fun, fast-action game that is totally different than playing singles. Playing this game makes you a better, well-rounded player.”– Ken Flach, Former Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Vanderbilt University & Former #1 ATP Tour Doubles Player

“One-on-One Doubles Tennis will infuse passion back into doubles and serve and volley play. It’s a return to the glory days of our sport — an avenue for junior, college, and recreational players to embrace the tactical advantages of attacking the net and serve-and-volleying.”– Billy Pate, Head Men’s Coach, Princeton University

“Playing One-On-One Doubles tennis helped the Bryan Brothers with the timing and technique of their split step, first volley, and the variety of shots needed to be great doubles players.” – John Whitlinger, Former Head Coach at Stanford University and Former Top 25 ATP Tour Doubles Player

“The best innovation in tennis since the advent of the tiebreaker.”– Ira Miller, Head Men’s Tennis Coach, NJIT

“One-On-One Doubles Tennis could be the next big thing in the tennis world. I use One-On-One Doubles tennis with my team, and it has made them better doubles players and multi-dimensional singles players.”– Tim Gray, Former Head Women’s Coach, Auburn University & Former Head Men’s Coach, Brown University